App Guide

Common Mistakes to Avoid
1) Failing to update and restart your phone before you start the event.
2) Starting with a smartphone or tracking device that isn't fully charged.
3) Not adhering to all the setup instructions accurately.
4) Experiencing poor or interrupted mobile data or GPS connectivity.
On Event Day
1) Launch the app, navigate to the Global Real Estate Run, and select "Start".
2) In the warm-up room, a countdown is displayed. The run will automatically begin at zero. You have the option to start the run early by pressing the relevant button. Skipping the warm-up is generally not advised, except when starting as part of a group. In such cases, the warm-up room serves as a buffer to ensure everyone begins simultaneously.
3) After starting, the app will automatically record your route and stop upon completion at the finish line. Please note that once initiated, the event cannot be paused.
App Installation & Login
A few days prior to the event, you will receive an email containing installation instructions along with your username and password. Please use these credentials to log in and avoid registering anew in the event app.
Smartphone Settings
For the app to function correctly, it's crucial to adhere to the setup instructions accurately. Tracking issues may arise due to differences in devices and software versions. Should you encounter any problems, contact our support team at support@globalrealestaterun.com, and we will ensure you are recognized as a successful Global Real Estate Run finisher.
Follow Your Team Members
Locate your teammates in the participant list and designate them as favorites by clicking the icon next to their names. This allows you to stay informed about their times and rankings.
Using Professional Tracking Devices
To connect your personal devices, follow the instructions within the event app. Please note that by using professional tracking devices, you won't be able to follow your teammates or receive any event updates (audio messages) during the race, and the system will not issue a participation certificate upon completion.
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