Why the Event-App?

To record the kilometres you run, we use a tracking app that can be installed on any smartphone, regardless of manufacturer and age. The high flexibility of the application has many advantages but also some disadvantages.

The event app allows us to accompany participants virtually during the run with adio messages. There is also an entertaining function to follow other participants. During the run, you are informed about their times and the distance to you. As the app remains open during the run, the ranking is always up to date. And when you have completed the 6km, you hear a victory cheer and immediately receive a certificate of participation which you are welcome to share on social media.

The tracking is a bit less accurate than with a solution that uses special tracking hardware (e.g. a runner's watch). If the device settings are not made meticulously, tracking problems and interruptions can occur. In this case, please contact support@globalrealestaterun.com.

To increase the tracking accuracy, various sports gadgets (e.g. Strava) can be linked to the app. Unfortunately, this option does not include the virtual accompaniment that you would receive via the event app.

For these reasons, we are looking into the introduction of further tracking solutions that also meet the needs of the more demanding participants. We gratefully accept suggestions. You can send us your suggestions here.
Event app