With the Global Real Estate Run, we are raising awareness among real estate stakeholders (tenants, owners and real estate professionals) about the great importance of the industry in achieving climate goals. The event is all about our health and energy, which are prerequisites for driving the necessary changes for a more generation-friendly future. With sustainable actions, we make a long-term and effective contribution per km completed at the Global Real Estate Run.
Wabi Sabi
Wabi Sabi is a Japanese design concept. It means beauty in what is temporary or imperfect. We love the idea of "Wabi Sabi" as a metaphor for our initiative. So the Global Real Estate Run is also a "work in progress" project that we are passionately working on to make it more impactful, step by step. We would be happy if you support us on this way.
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Sustainable Contribution
For every km completed on the Global Real Estate Run, we make a sustainable and effective contribution to a more generation-friendly future.

So far we have planted trees, why we did that you can read in this article from ETH Zurich. In the future, we are thinking about letting you as a participant:in decide what contribution we should make for your completed km.

Currently we are looking for suitable alternatives to planting trees. If you have an idea, please let us know.
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International Tree planting program
We have the ambition to work with qualified organizations to ensure that the trees are planted in suitable regions under fair conditions. Please contact us if you like to know more about our tree-planting partners.

Our international tree planting partner is Grow My Tree. You can find transparent information about how and where the trees are planted on their website. What convinced us about Grow My Tree is the approach that they not only plant trees but also provide work in the respective regions and thus additionally counteract deforestation.
Tree planting program in Switzerland
Regionality is important to us and we are looking forward to the cooperation with There-For-Trees. With our Swiss tree planting partner, it will be possible for us to plant a certain number of trees locally. In combination with a tree planting day for companies and school classes, There-For-Trees provides great experiences that go beyond participation in the Global Real Estate Run.
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We are the supporters of the Global Real Estate Run and contribute to innovation and sustainability in the real estate industry.
Mario Facchinetti
Initiator, Global Real Estate Run
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