With this partner package, you get two fully organized events from us and six months of great marketing content that you can cleverly use for brand awareness, corporate responsibility and employee branding stories.
Global Real Estate Run
For each km your guests (ex. employees, familiy members, customers, shareholders, stakeholders) complete at Global Real Estate Run you collect a tree.
Tree Planting Day
We will organise a tree planting day where you plant the collected trees with your guests (ex. employees, family members, customers, shareholders, stakeholders).
Education Day
In addition to your own tree planting day, we will endeavor to provide an educational day in the forest on your behalf for a school class from your region.
Marketing Content
With this partner package, you benefit from two events without any operational effort on your part. In addition, your participation provides attractive communication material for internal channels, annual reports, social media and local media.
In the fall of 2022, employees and customers of Schaeppi Grundstücke AG completed around100km by participating in the Global Real Estate Run, thereby collecting over 600 trees (one tree per km). These trees were planted in the spring by the Schaeppi Management Team, under the direction of a forester, in a regional forest. Thanks to the great commitment of Schaeppi Grundstücke AG, a school class also enjoyed a day of planting and education in the forest.
Tree planting campaign by Schaeppi Grundstücke AG
The trees run by the Schaeppi team during the Global Real Estate Run were planted by the management team and a school class in a regional forest.
Accompanied by the district forester, employees of the SVIT Zurich office as well as two school classes planted the trees run in the Global Real Estate Run in a Swiss forest in the fall of 2022. The tree planting campaign is an investment in our future, as forests need to be prepared for the dry climate expected in 50-100 years. The management of forest areas thus contributes to natural regeneration, diversity and better CO2 sequestration.
Tree planting day with SVIT Zurich
The trees run at the Global Real Estate Run by SVIT Zurich were planted by the office itself in the form of a team event and a school class in a regional forest.
Get your own tree planting day!
Price on request. Depending on the region, scope and availability.